The bizmo app

bizmo is a training and marketing software with a clear focus on high-quality content in the areas of "health, fitness and longevity". It has two central areas: The „back office“ and the „community“.

In the „back office“, the user has an immediate overview of the entire Bizmo business: Team developments, income and all relevant data and documents for the business. It is the "home office" in the cloud.

The community contains the content of the app in the form of videos, podcasts, images and PDFs. The community is supplied with content by a qualified editorial team, but in cooperation with the editorial team, the participation of users is absolutely desired. Other features of the community include the activity board and the possibility for members to contact and exchange information. The Activity-Board is a competition in which points can be collected and prizes won for various activities.

The app is free to use and provides access to information, products and news. However, no income can be generated within the scope of free use.

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