General Terms and Conditions


Contractual partner

The following agreement shall come into being based on these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) between the customer and

Bizmo, powered by:
Global Solutions Systems GmbH (GSS)
Ravenéstr. 1
13347 Berlin
CEO: Tomas Klünner

Register court: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Register number: HRB 160098 B
hereinafter referred to as “provider”:

Subject of the agreement

Through this agreement, the customer obtains temporary membership in “bizmo,” the first “global life hack community.” The customer shall receive access to the services of “bizmo” either over the Internet or over the “bizmo” app. In all cases, the new customer shall initially have the status “passive,” which allows them to review the subject of the agreement – the “global life hack community & the app” – FREE OF CHARGE for an initial period of 36 days.
“bizmo” offers life hacks in 9 categories and under 3 pricing models: BASIC (3 categories for 10 EUR per 30 days); PRO (6 categories for 20 EUR per 30 days), and ELITE (9 categories for 30 EUR per 30 days). The customer may convert their order to a subscription with just a click, and may cancel that subscription at any time with another click. After selecting one of these models, the customer will have an “active” status.
Customers who do not make any selection after the end of the 36-day “passive” phase – or who do not request an extension after the end of a 30-day membership – will switch to the status “inactive” and will only be able to use the content provided by “bizmo” to a limited extent. A member can change their status from “inactive” to “active” at any time by purchasing a 30-day membership. Members who maintain a status of “inactive” for more than 6 consecutive months will lose rights to their account and would need to re-register.
Please see the product description on the offer page for details on the specific offers.

Conclusion of the agreement

This agreement shall come into being exclusively in terms of an electronic business agreement through the provider’s shop system. The offers represented represent a non-binding request to provide an offer through the customer’s order, which the provider may accept.
The ordering process to conclude the agreement includes the following steps:

  • Registering through the page owned by Bizmo Ltd. or a community member
  • Accepting the GTC, cookie guidelines, data protection policy, and community rules
  • Pressing the “Register” button
  • Receiving an e-mail confirmation
  • Clicking the confirmation link to activate membership with a “passive” status
  • Logging in to the website with user name and password
  • Switching to the “back office” area
  • Accessing the menu point: “Membership”
  • Selecting an option BASIC, PRO, or ELITE by clicking on “Order now”
  • Selecting “Payment method” from the drop down list

Ending the payment process on the payment provider’s website.
The agreement shall come into being when the customer gets an order confirmation or an invoice.

Contractual duration

The subject of the agreement is a recurrent / ongoing service. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite amount of time. Each contractual party may terminate the agreement at any time without notice, whereby the provider typically will not make use of this right. The right to extraordinary termination for just cause, in particular due to repeated violations of the primary contractual obligations, shall remain unaffected. The termination shall only be effective if submitted in the following form: Electronic / e-mail.

Prices, shipping costs, return delivery costs

Prices for membership in the bizmo community are final prices. In addition to the final prices, in some circumstances the customer may incur further costs for “financial transaction costs,” which will be invoiced with the order. Since “bizmo” is an electronic product, no shipping costs will be charged. Because a 36-day free test phase is offered, after the end of a 30-day membership the customer shall have no right of revocation, but rather only the opportunity to request an extension of their membership. No return delivery costs shall be incurred.

Payment conditions

The customer can find all payment options in the “bizmo” member area. These include a variety of external payment providers. By using one of these payment providers, the customer accepts the payment provider’s respective conditions. Furthermore, the customer can also pay for their membership through bonus credits. Payment methods not listed in the system are not offered, and will be rejected.
If the customer uses a payment provider, the payment provider makes it possible for the service provider and customer to process payment between themselves. The payment provider transfers the customer’s payment to the service provider. Further information is available on the websites of the respective payment providers. If the customer submits payment via credit card, they must be the card holder. All payment types will be charged immediately, since “bizmo” will likewise provide the customer access to the offer “immediately.”
Payment is due at the invoicing date without deductions. The invoice is delivered at the moment the request is placed.

Delivery conditions

The provider shall grant the customer access to the “bizmo” member area directly after receiving their registration. The digital content of the community (life hacks) and the “bizmo app” jointly form the “product,” which the customer may initially review for 36 days free of charge. If the customer then decides to purchase a 30-day membership within this time period or at any time thereafter – no matter whether they purchase the BASIC, PRO, or ELITE package – the customer will no longer have any right of withdrawal, but rather may only allow their membership to expire. To do so, they must switch the “Subscription” option to “Off.”

Contractual design

The contract text shall be saved by the provider.
The customer may access the saved contract text at
This area is a sub-page of the following homepage:


International customer service for “bizmo – your global life hack community” is handled by:

Global Solutions Systems GmbH
Ravenéstr. 1
13347 Berlin

Hotline: 00 49 30 89615407

Support service hours (CET):

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  3:00 to 5:00 PM



All claims for damages by the customer shall be excluded, if not otherwise indicated under the following grounds. This also applies to representatives and agents of the provider, if the customer lodges claims for damages against these expectations. Claims for damages by the customer due to injury to life, body, and health are excepted. This also does not apply to claims for damages due to an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the provider or their legal representative or agent.

Language, place of jurisdiction, and applicable law

The agreement is concluded in German. The contractual relationship shall continue to be carried out in German. If there are differences between the German version and the translation into other languages, the German version shall apply. The law of the country “Federal Republic of Germany” shall apply exclusively. The headquarter of the provider shall be agreed as the place of jurisdiction regarding any disputes with members of “bizmo – your global life hack community.”

Amendments to these GTC

The provider reserves the right to amend or adjust these GTC at any time. All community members will be notified by e-mail and over the internal community notification system regarding every amendment to the GTC, and will receive a six-week right to extraordinary termination. Members who make use of this option may receive a reimbursement for their last membership fee payment. The amendment will be considered accepted by the customer after end of the 6-week term.

Severability clause

If a provision of these GTC is invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.